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Providing a confidential, professional service with a state of the art online medical booking system with results delivered within a 2 week period by our highly skilled medical team. Onsite and mobile health screening available.

The health screen and vision test organized by Servisource was extremely professional and so helpful to our team mates. Leanne met us before and after the health screen to discuss the types of tests available, the costs and logistics and afterwards the overall results. The booking link was easy to follow, the nurse on the day was very professional and the result pages were very user friendly. Follow up calls were made to employees at high risk and advice given to those with medium health concerns. All tests were confidential and we received an overall anonymous company result to help us make changes in the company in the future. This will help us tackle the most urgent health issues that showed up, such as high BMI or low Vitamin D levels. I would highly recommend Servisource for employee health screenings.

Anne Hynes

Anne Hynes


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