Myhomecare Connect Technology

Myhomecare Connect Technology

Combining the latest technology with one to one personal care

Quality in everything we do.

Why connect?

Myhomecare Connect provides the family (circle of care) a secure, transparent and high quality IoT support service. Myhomecare Connect promotes independently living at home for longer by encouraging an active lifestyle, ensuring client safety and putting the client first in their care.


Providing Transparent Care at every stage of the Care Pathway including Calendars with weekly and monthly planned visits, Activity notifications, Secure and Private Messaging and Vitals recording.


With sensors within the home family can view their loved ones family, this will include external doors and notification to family if the client leaves their home at night or unusually times- this service will also be supported by 24/7 carers in the case that a family member can’t be contacted after an alert like this a carer will go to the site and check with the client.


A secure message board that will be the based around the client.


Depending on the nature of the client’s illness, bio-devices will be installed in the client homes and with the help of the carer readings can be taken and all the date will be stored securely and can be shared with family and medical professionals if desired.

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