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Drug screening is carried out via a urine sample from the employee and alcohol screening via a breathalyser. Chain of Custody (COC) procedures have been designed to produce a specimen that will withstand legal scrutiny. Drugs & Alcohol Screening is conducted by an Occupational Medical Doctor.

Portwest were absolutely delighted with the service provided by Servisource. Our account manager handled all communications with employees, scheduling, follow up, testing and feedback, keeping the involvement of management to a minimum. The tests themselves proved to be invaluable in highlighting individual issues which were previously undetected. In addition to individual results, we were able to gauge the health of the overall organisation, enabling the company to put measures in place to address the key health issue affecting the employee group as a whole. We would highly recommend Servisource and would have no hesitation in recommending to any one else looking to avail of such a service. We also found their pricing to be one of the most competitive in the marketplace.

Dermot Gallagher

Deirdre Clarke


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